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As your trusted partner, we offer a full range of contract manufacturing services to help you plan, formulate, and produce pet health and nutrition supplement.

Turn-Key Solutions for Pet Supplement Manufacturing

As a full-service pet supplement manufacture, we provide our customers with a variety of services including encapsulation, package and label design, custom formulations, and international shipping!


Custom Pet Supplement Formulations

Please tell us what you need. Our experienced & creative dietary supplement formulation team have expertise with a wide range of dosage and delivery technologies.

From a comprehensive database of thousands of ingredients to creating formulations, using the highest quality ingredients and a wide variety of optional functional ingredients.


Manufacture Pet Supplements

We bring your product to fruition by sourcing high-quality ingredients and helping you address packaging requirements.

Once the raw materials arrive at our facilities, require that they be quarantined and tested before they are released into inventory. The type of testing required includes identity and potency, microbiological compliance, and heavy metal compliance.
Before the pet supplements are made, your formula must be blended to ensure even distribution of ingredients in each product. The exact manufacturing process will differ depending on the requirements of the formula.


Finished Pet Supplement Testing

We follow the strictest standards for quality, safety, and sustainability in pet supplement manufacturing. Once your supplement is manufactured, they will be rigorously tested to confirm the quality, consistency, and safety of the supplement in preparation for delivery.


Label and Package Design

Feelshine Healthcare excels at preparing the package and label design for pet nutritional supplements because we address all aspects of interaction: visual, tactile, informational.

All product label artwork is uniquely designed for your brand. Our recommendations are always made with consideration to the impact of packaging on product quality, shelf-life, and consumer experience.
We offer packaging options include bottle, blister, jar, bag, and powder dose pouch, stick packs, folding cartons etc.



Go global with ease. Our streamlined shipping services ensure your products reach international markets seamlessly. We navigate regulations and certifications, guaranteeing smooth entry into diverse markets worldwide.

Custom Formulations That Differentiate Your Brand
Our team of experienced formulators will collaborate with you to create custom formulations tailored to your precise requirements, ensuring that your products cater to the needs and preferences of your target audience.
This is a critical, interactive process of refinement as we find the optimal balance of quality ingredients, palatability, and cost. Our team will test the product for efficacy and taste, ensuring animals love the flavor and the health benefits.

Premium Products In a Variety of Formats:

Custom Packaging

We provide many efficient and cost-effective solutions for your packaging needs. With countless options available, we are confident you’ll find the right fit with Feelshine Healthcare.

Blister Packaging

Bottling (HDPE, PET, and Glass)

Sachet, Stick, Large Gusseted Bags Packaging

Jars Packaging

Tube Packaging

Why Choose Us

Full Turnkey Pet Supplement Manufacturing

Shandong Health Co.,Ltd. is a Dietary Supplement and Pet Supplement Contract manufacturer, We make high quality, unique health supplements and health treats for dogs, cats and horses and other pets in the form of soft chews, tablets, powders, softgels, capsules, paste, gels and liquids.

As Fast As 30-Day Concept to Completion

We are committed to providing private label and custom manufactured pet supplements, as a one-stop provider of pet supplement, we pay much attention to each step in the whole production procedure from materials purchase, production, packaging and quality control.Excellent quality and fast delivery should be the most important goal for factory.

More Than Cats and Dogs

Shandong Health has helped countless supplement brands successfully launch products for not only cats and dogs, but reptiles, horses. This high quality can help a variety of reptile nutrition needs, canine dental health, feline joint support, equestrian hoof care and wellness.

Ready to be Private Labeled

Below is a list of formulas we have developed based on consumer preferences, to cater to various pet health needs and preferences. You only need to provide your label and packaging method, and we can arrange the order production for you. If you can’t find the formula you like, please contact us and we will send a complete product catalog for you to choose from. Of course, we also support free custom labels, just tell us your ideas.

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We make high quality, unique health supplements and health treats for dogs, cats and other pet in the form of soft chews, chewable tablets, powders, liquids, softgels, paste and capsules.
We Provides OBM Service with 8 Stages: 1. Custom Formulas 2. Product Quotation 3. Sampling 4. Sample Confirmation 5. Confirm Purchase Order 6. Lable and Packaging Design 7. Pet Supplement Manufacturing 8. Packaging and Shipping According to your needs, we provide corresponding supports at each stage, so that you can be more handy when developing pet products.
Generally it is 15-45 days depends on which item you order.

1. Top-quality raw materials.

2. Strict inspection control on each production process.

3. Flexible OEM service on every aspect.

If we have stock, samples will be sent to you for free. If customization is required, you will need to pay a certain fee, which will be deducted from the purchase price during mass production.
We pet supplement factory mainly focuses on dog and cat health product development. We also welcome to explore customized health supplement products for other animals. Welcome to discuss with us to create new business opportunities.

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